A Vow Fulfilled (H) Laufer (Ws3878)
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A Vow Fulfilled: The Fran Laufer Story: Memories and Miracles By Fran Laufer.

Read this powerful, engaging story of a young girl struggling to survive in Bergen-Belsen, and marvel at the bravery, the tenacity, and God's ever-present guiding hand that have carried Fran Laufer through the darkest periods of history, and of her life. Fran's triumphal spirit, her sole inheritance from her parents and grandparents, traveled with her across the Atlantic and helped her forge a new life as a young wife and mother in a strange land. It is this love of life that saw Fran travel to the Far East in search of objects d'art for the renowned Fran Laufer Collection; it is this strength that enabled her to build a dynasty of Jewish philanthropy and leadership with her husband at her side. A Vow Fulfilled will make you cry, laugh, and wonder - at memories and miracles so rich that they could have filled ten lifetimes.

Hard Cover
210 pages
ITEM #: 5163
ISBN: 978-1-56871-502-5

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A Vow Fulfilled (H) Laufer A Vow Fulfilled (H) Laufer
A Vow Fulfilled (H) Laufer A Vow Fulfilled (H) Laufer