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Video Shalom Sesame V1-5 (83BB)
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One video containing the first five volumes of the 13 volume set. The entire video is in English but lots of Hebrew and Jewish Words are taught.

Shalom Sesame Show #1: Land of Israel

A fun-filled Sesame Street journey through Israel, featuring Bert and Ernie, Mary Tyler Moore, and celebrity friends, on tour in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
32 min.

Shalom Sesame Show #2: Tel Aviv

Sesame Street stars Bert and Ernie coninue their journey through Israel, here accompanied by reknowned violinist Itzhak Perlman who takes them to his hometown, the bustling Carmel Market, the port city of Haifa, and the beautiful beach of Tel Aviv.
30 min.

Shalom Sesame Show #3: Kibbutz

Sesame Street family and friends and their new Israeli pal, Itzhak Perlman, enjoy a wonderful day at a " Kibbutz" on the shore of the Dead Sea.
30 Min.

Shalom Sesame Show #4: People of Israel

Sesame Street family and friends join children from around the world in a singing celebration of Israel, the land theyve adopted as their new home. Stars Mandy Patinkin. In English, with music and lyrics in Hebrew and Arabic.
31 min.

Shalom Sesame Show #5: Jerusalem

Sesame Street pals Bert, Ernie befriend Israel's most popular porcupine, Kippi ben Kippod, and together with Itzah Perlman they explore the exciting capital of Israel.
30 min.
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Video Shalom Sesame V1-5 Video Shalom Sesame V1-5
Video Shalom Sesame V1-5 Video Shalom Sesame V1-5