TorahPod with DVDShas (W583)
Price:  $499.00 
Seven years of Daf Yomi lectures-every shiur on every daf of every Mesechta - are pre-loaded onto a brand-new Apple iPod Photo 30GB! You can access any shiur on any page of Talmud for instant study and review! It's great for commuting, exercising, on vacation - any time and place you can pull out your iPod to listen to a Daf Yomi shiur!

And since it's the 30GB model, there's 3 GB free for you to load hundreds of songs, shiurim, and other audio material!

Apple iPod Photo 30GB with click wheel
Apple headphones, power adaptor, and USB cable
2,711 Daf Yomi shiurim pre-loaded on your iPod (takes up 27 GB)
Daf Yomi audio is encoded in MP3 24kb/sec
Shiurim are available in English or Yiddish (You must specify Yiddish in the comments box on the order form)
Daf Yomi lectures feature Torah Communications Network's renowned Magidei Shiur
Daf Yomi shiurim are those of the Torah Communications Network's renowned "Dial-a-Daf" program
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TorahPod with DVDShas TorahPod with DVDShas
TorahPod with DVDShas TorahPod with DVDShas