The Marriage Covenant (H) by Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl
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Book Review
The Marriage Covenant: A Guide to Jewish Marriage
Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl?s The Marriage Covenant: A
Guide to Jewish Marriage is a comprehensive handbook
on intimacy and marital relations, as well as a
toolbox for building healthy husband-wife relationships.
It is the English translation of the
best-selling Hebrew book, Ish Ve-Isha,
which deals with both the halachot of
Taharat HaMishpacha, and contemporary
issues of sexuality, as well as sensitivity to
the sexual and emotional differences between
men and women.
This kosher ?all you ever wanted to
know about sex but were afraid to ask,?
? a bestseller in Hebrew, now in its sixth
printing ? is the product of decades of premarital
counseling experience with religious
and secular couples.
In his book, Rabbi Knohl highlights the positive
and important role sexuality plays in fostering a
healthy marriage. He does not shy away from referring
couples with diffi culties to physicians, psychologists
or sex therapists. Nor does he avoid grappling
with family planning and contraception within the
halachic framework.
Rabbi Knohl suggests successful ways to resolve
disagreements, build trust and nurture mutual appreciation.
The physiological and psychological differences
between men and women highlighted in JohnGray?s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus indeed
pose a serious challenge to family harmony. Rabbi
Knohl?s book helps couples recognize those differences
and suggests effective strategies to promote conjugal
harmony. Together with its user-friendly presentation
of family purity laws, The Marriage Covenant guides
prospective couples and newlyweds towards creating
a genuine partnership.
?Rabbi Knohl?s The Marriage Covenant
offers a roadmap to marital bliss,? said renowned
author, lecturer and psychiatrist,
Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, ?It is replete
with practical guidelines to unleash
the couple?s spiritual abilities to become
one, creating a unity of purpose and joy
that is greater than the sum of its parts.?
Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl, who earned his
Master?s degree in Jewish Studies from
Bar-Ilan University, heads the marriage
division of Tzohar, an organization of religious-
Zionist rabbis dedicated to healing
Israeli society?s rifts and strengthening its Jewish
character. Rabbi Knohl has overseen training of over
300 marriage counselors, arranges wedding ceremonies
for around 3,000 secular couples annually, and
prepares hundreds of religious couples for marriage.
In addition, he serves as rav of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion.
The Marriage Covenant: A Guide to Jewish
Marriage by Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl includes a 56-page
soft cover supplement: ?A Guide to Marital Relations
from a Torah Perspective.? (Available at www.levinejudaica.

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