The Marriage Covenant (H) by Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl (Wdknohl)
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The Marriage Covenant:A Guide to Jewish Marriage by Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl


First published in Hebrew in 2002, THE MARRIAGE COVENANT (Ish Ve-Isha) has become a popular and respected guide for men and women approaching marriage and for newlywed couples. This volume discusses weddings, the marital relationship, sexuality, and childbirth in clear and understandable language. It presents halakhic guidelines and rulings in accordance with the standard, authoritative sources, along with traditions, customs, and sound advice.

Addressing itself to couples living in contemporary society, THE MARRIAGE COVENANT goes beyond theoretical halakha to answer practical questions that arise in daily life. Unique for a work of its kind, this book also addresses the emotional and psychological challenges of marriage. It illustrates how two independent and mature individuals can learn to live together and create a mutually respectful, loving, and satisfying relationship that enriches their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Includes a 56 page (soft cover) supplement: "A Guide to Marital Relations from a Torah Perspective".

ISBN 978-965-90539-1-9
Hard cover
298 pp.

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The Marriage Covenant (H) by Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl The Marriage Covenant (H) by Rabbi Elyashiv Knohl
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