The Lurie Legacy (H) by Neil Rosenstein (Ws5015)
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The Lurie Legacy:The House of Davidic Royal Descent by Neil Rosenstein.

The author of The Unbroken Chain has just written another major work, this time about one of the most distinguished Jewish families: Lurie/Luria. It is a very ancient family, tracing its roots back through Rashi and Hillel to King David. The family is known throughout history for its extraordinary achievements in science, philosophy, theology and the arts. The book is a comprehensive study of the Lurie/Luria family that includes 45 pages of family trees showing the relationship of the Lurie family to such other families as Epstein, Eskeles, Heilprin, Isserles, Katzenellenbogen, Margolit, Meisel, Mendelssohn, Pereira, Weidenfeld and Wulff. The text portion of the book is filled with the history of the Lurie family, critical analysis of previous works about the family and legends by family members penned in the 19th century. More than 60 documents of the Lurie family illustrate the book, the earliest dating to the 16th century.

Foreword by Israel Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel and President of the Great Rabbinical Court; Preface by Ranan R. Lurie.

432 pp.
9" x 12"

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The Lurie Legacy (H) by Neil Rosenstein The Lurie Legacy (H) by Neil Rosenstein