The Koren Youth Siddur E"M (WsBK-TKYSEM)
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The Koren Youth Siddur is a beautifully-illustrated siddur designed for children in grades 3-5.   Built on the foundation of the entire Koren Educational Siddur Series, the Koren Youth Siddur forms a bridge between the early elementary grades and middle school. The Siddur features a selection of tefillot for weekday, Shabbat and Hagim, along with vibrant, age-appropriate illustrations, stories, quotes and questions for thought and reflection.

Every aspect of this new siddur is designed as the vehicle to help our children in meaning-making and emotional engagement with the tefillot and Hashem. The siddur is also accompanied by a comprehensive Educator’s Companion, for teachers, parents and community leaders, to maximize the educational potential of the siddur.


·         Educational illustrations emphasize and educational theme from the text

·         An icon navigation bar orientates the child within the structure of the tefilla service

·         Paraphrased conceptual translation of many parts of the tefilla text

·         Quotes and stories that explore a theme from thetefilla text

·         Questions that stimulate reflection and critical thought

·         Icons to aid in instructing the choreography of thetefilla




Eidut Mizrach

275 Pages

Standard Size

ISBN: 9789653016712

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The Koren Youth Siddur E"M The Koren Youth Siddur E"M
The Koren Youth Siddur E"M The Koren Youth Siddur E"M