The Explorer's Bible (P) Scott E. Blumenthal (W4804)
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Engage your students in authentic, dynamic Bible study.

Grades: 3-5

Your students can now explore the Bible as Jews have done for centuries?by pondering, personalizing, and wrestling with the text. Combining faithful but accessible translations with thematic connections between the narratives and student?s daily lives, critical-thinking exercises, and a sense of wonder, The Explorer?s Bible will help you transform your classroom into a lively Bible study group.


1. The Birth of the World
2. Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden
3. My Brother?s Keeper (Cain and Abel)
4. The Man Who Walked with God (Noah)
5. The Impossible Tower (Tower of Babel)
6. Abraham Finds His Way
7. Abraham Speaks Up (Sodom and Gomorrah)
8. The Sacrifice (The Akedah)
9. Rebecca?s Kindness
10. Twins, Tricks, and Trouble (Jacob and Esau)
11. Jacob?s Discovery (Jacob, Rachel, and Leah)
12. Jacob?s Struggle (Jacob wrestles)
13. The Dreamer (Joseph)
14. Joseph?s Gift
15. Joseph?s Forgiveness
16. Baby Moses
17. Moses Stands Before God
18. Freedom and the Future (Plagues and the Exodus)

What?s New About The Explorer?s Bible?

* True-to-text translation retains the structure and tone of the Hebrew while providing students with comprehensible and age-appropriate language.
* Opportunities for students to participate in biblical dialogue by reviewing classic interpretations of text and creating midrashim of their own.
* Connections between text and core Jewish values help students to personalize the Bible?s lessons.
* Analyses of key Hebrew words and phrases allow students to connect intimately with biblical text.
* Contemporary design conveys the dignity of biblical text while engaging students with lush illustrations and more than fifty full-color photographs.
* Explanatory notes and connections to biblical archaeology bring the text to life for students.

The second volume: The Explorer's Bible 2-From Sinai to the Nation of Israel-will be available in April 2007.

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The Explorer's Bible (P) Scott E. Blumenthal The Explorer's Bible (P) Scott E. Blumenthal
The Explorer's Bible (P) Scott E. Blumenthal The Explorer's Bible (P) Scott E. Blumenthal