The Concise Code of Jewish Law Volume II (H) Rabbi Gershon Appel (Ws1178)
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The Concise Code of Jewish Law - Volume II by Rabbi Gersion Appel

Volume II: A Guide to Prayer and Religious Observance on the Sabbath Includes: An Exposition of the 39 Principal Melachot of Sabbath, Some of the Melachot Forbidden on Sabbath, Sabbath Prayers, Reading the Torah, Carrying on the Sabbath, Muktzah and Additional Sabbath laws.

This book is an authoritative source for study and for reference, which makes knowledge of Jewish laws more widely and more readily accessible. It serves as a guide to daily living in accord with Jewish law, enabling one to identify with the Jewish people and the Jewish faith through the totality of the religious experience as encountered in the world of Halachah.

This work is designed to meet the current need for a concise, contemporary compendium of the traditional laws in the basic areas of Jewish life. The laws are compiled from the Kitzur Shulhan Aruch, and augmented from the Shulhan Aruch and other traditional codes, such as Mishneh Torah, Hayye Adam, and Mishnah B'rurah. The material selected from these primary sources has been translated by the author and arranged in a logical and topical order, following that of the Kitzur Shulhan Aruch. The basic laws are supplemented by relevant halachic annotations with particular regard to present day problems and modern conditions, derived from and based on contemporary responsa by universally recognized halachic authorities. The section on sources and references directs the reader to the sources in the codes and responsa from which the basic laws and the individual rulings are drawn.

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The Concise Code of Jewish Law Volume II (H) Rabbi Gershon Appel The Concise Code of Jewish Law Volume II (H) Rabbi Gershon Appel