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Summa Metaphysica Volume 1 God and Evil by David Birnbaum.

J Levine/Millennium Publishers is proud to announce its premier publication of the long anticipated Summa Metaphysica series by David Birnbaum.

This is volume 1 which is the extremely significant volume God and Evil about which the Jewish World Newspaper said " Birnbaum comes as close as possible to solving the awesome dilemma of evil in a world created by a just God.?

This is a brand new edition of the previously published God and Evil (ktav 1989)

David Birnbaum's God and Evil is a major theological study which systematically confronts the philosophical problem of evil, and the Holocaust in particular. It presents an extensively researched and comprehensive review of the subject. In a clearly presented and readable exposition, Birnbaum then proposes a refreshing and powerful formulation. Combining modern and classic, rationalist and mystic themes, Birnbaum's proposed solution to the ancient problem of evil is perhaps the most elegant to appear in modern times.

Though proceeding from a Jewish context, Birnbaum's compelling presentation and original synthesis will be of considerable value to adherents of all Western religions. God and Evil has been acclaimed by philosophers and theologians of all faiths.

This philosophically exciting work has generated very considerable attention. It has been widely reviewed, has been selected as a Main Feature Selection of The Jewish Book Club, has already been assigned as a course text at major universities around the world, and has been critically acclaimed as "the best book in print on the subject."

This new edition is shipping now! Also new companion volume: GOD AND GOOD and the two volume set of God and Evil and God and Good. In stock and shipping now!

266 pp.
Sixth Printing
ISBN: 0881253073

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Summa Metaphysica V1 God and Evil(H)David Birnbaum-Order now! Summa Metaphysica V1 God and Evil(H)David Birnbaum-Order now!
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