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Soumchi is eleven years old, and growing up in British-occupied Jerusalem, just after World War II. His universe is enriched immeasurably when he is given a bicycle by his uncle, but before he fulfills his dreams of riding away into the desert and exploring Africa, he shows his new prize to his friend Aldo. Persuaded to swap his bicycle for a new train set, Soumchi's series of misadventures begin as he trades away one possession after another - but as he imagines ever more colorful ways of escaping his predicament he finds something he never expected - his first love.

With Soumchi, Oz brings to life a main character in the tradition of such memorable scamps as Huckleberry Finn; Soumchi is fresh, funny and always engaging. Amos Oz's first children's book, Soumchi has been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and most recently, Arabic.

Amos Oz was born in 1939 in Jerusalem, and at the age of 15 went to live on Kibbutz Hulda. He studied philosophy and literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has been a visiting fellow at Oxford University, author-in- residence at the Hebrew University and writer-in-residence at Colorado College. He has been named Officer of Arts and Letters of France. An author of prose for both children and adults, as well as an essayist, he has been widely translated and is internationally acclaimed. Many of his stories are set either on a kibbutz or in Jerusalem, both of which he presents as microcosms of Israeli society. He has been honoured with the French Prix Femina and the 1992 Frankfurt Peace Prize. He lives in the southern town of Arad and teaches literature at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Paperback, 72 pp.

Size: 8˝"x5˝"

ISBN-10 : 1592640389
ISBN-13 : 9781592640386

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Soumchi (P) Amos Oz Soumchi (P) Amos Oz
Soumchi (P) Amos Oz Soumchi (P) Amos Oz