Siddur Kol Hanoar Children Reconstructionist (H) with Translit (W9146)
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Siddur Kol Hano?ar: The Voice of Children-A Siddur for Shabbat. Transliterated version.

"Siddur Kol HaNo'ar opens children to their own spirituality, introduces them to the classical themes of Jewish liturgy and sounds of Hebrew prayer, and encourages joyous engagement with Jewish living. Its colorful illustrations, prayers by children, vivid stories and traditional prayer make this a prayerbook that kids will love. It is a wonderful choice for family services and children's worship, as well as for families to use on their own."
-- Dr. David A. Teutsch is Director of the Levin-Lieber Program in Jewish Ethics and the Center for Jewish Ethics at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

This siddur is available in two versions-with or without transliteration. This version is with tranbsliteration.

Siddur Kol Hano?ar: Voice of Children is unique in its use of stories from Jewish sources and folklore to introduce the different sections in the service. Also, questions in the siddur invite children to engage in a conversation with prayer, its meaning to them and their lives.

According to co-author Rabbi Sandy Sasso, the translations used for Siddur Kol Hano?ar: Voice of Children "express the underlying meaning of the prayer in language that is accessible by children. They are clear enough to be understandable, poetic enough to be inspiring, concrete enough to be connected to a child's experience, and open to a continuing conversation."

"The Reconstructionist movement is about lifelong education. What we created with this siddur was a tool for children much like the Kol Haneshemah siddur series is for adults," co-author Schein says. "Kids have an amazing capacity for imagination. They have an eagerness to talk about God."

JRF Education Director, Rabbi Shai Gluskin, says, "The book's high production values communicate to the children that something truly valuable is inside and worthy of the care and beauty that have been incorporated in the siddur."

Artwork plays an important part of this siddur. Joani Rothenberg, the illustrator, explains her images and vision for the siddur artwork. This siddur is designed to be used in an intergenerational context. Many grandparents across North America supported the project and have dedicated the siddur to their own grandchildren.

Sandy Sasso is rabbi of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck of Indianapolis, IN, and was the first woman ordained from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Dr. Jeffrey Schein is the Director of the Department of Education at the Siegal College of Jewish Studies in Cleveland, OH and is also JRF's Senior Consultant for Education.
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Siddur Kol Hanoar Children Reconstructionist (H) with Translit Siddur Kol Hanoar Children Reconstructionist (H) with Translit
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