Prophecy & Divine Inspiration (H) (Ws9549)
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The Ohr Chadash Commentary on the Prophets.

As mankind struggles with the challenges of the twenty-first century, the words of the prophets stand ever-ready to guide and inspire, to warn and to cajole, to plead and to cry out.

It is absolutely vital in a world that seems to have lost its moral and ethical compass to re-examine and integrate the eternal messages of the prophets, as they give a profound and poetic voice to God’s expectations of humanity and the collective destiny of Israel. This is especially true today when so many of the prophecies of old are literally coming true before our very eyes.

Prophecy and Divine Inspiration brings the historical era and the inner experience of the prophets to life for the contemporary reader, revealing the deeper significance of their teachings in a personally relevant manner. In so doing, this comprehensive text demonstrates that the means by which the prophets, mystics, sages and rabbis throughout history have achieved prophetic experience and Divine inspiration are as available today as they were in the past.

"Rabbi Trugman presents an encycolpedia of topics concerning prophecy - a veritable 'anything you have ever wanted to know about prophecy" 

ISBN 978-965-91716-7-5
Author Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman
Cover type Hardcover
Pages 494
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Prophecy & Divine Inspiration (H) Prophecy & Divine Inspiration (H)
Prophecy & Divine Inspiration (H) Prophecy & Divine Inspiration (H)