Presentense Magazine Issue Three (Wd365)
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Presentense Magazine: Jewish Life Here and Now!
Issue #3 of this cutting edge Jewish magazine!

In this issue:

Enter the Matrix: A first-person account of the Ethiopian identity crisis by Danny Admasu

Iron Lion Zion: Forging Ethiopian life in Israel by David Druce

Sweeten Your Spirit: High style high holy days in the holy land by The Honey Staff

In the Big-Inning: Opening day at the Israel baseball league by Adam Soclof

Home Land Home Run?: Baseball makes aliyah by Maya Wainhaus

Smarty Pants: Rhodes scholars take to the road by Jewish Student Weekly and PresenTense Staff

Boycott, Bloody Boycott: British academics bash Israel, again by Yair Zivan

Dear Chaps, Thanks for the Boycott: Learning from the British has never been easier by Leora Addison

Tuesday, the Rabbi Went to Jail: Religious activism and the rabbinate by Yehuda Hausman

Go South, Young Jew: Zionist settlement thrives in the negev by David Wainer

Virtual Judaism: Finding a second life in online community by Julian Voloj

The Hebrew Slanguage: Unpacking the junk from Israel?s trunk by Jacob Shwirtz and Esther D. Kustanowitz

Kosha? for tha? Rosh Ha?: Shabot spot by William Levin aka Ben Baruch

The Zionist Frontier: Zionism redefined in Jerusalem by Benjamin Fisher


Slaves in the Holy Land: The problem of sex slavery in Israel by Chloe Safier

Funny, You Don?t Look Jewish: Converts on the true colors of the Jewish community by Aliza Hausman

Star-Crossed Lovers: Scenes from an interfaith relationship by Neely Steinberg

Calling All Converts: Blogging the burdens and blessings of conversion by Leah Jones

Fetal Attraction: Why orthodox Jews will prevent Jewish extinction by Eric Ackland

More Orgies, More Babies: A modest proposal by Ben Brofman

The Biblical Case for Intermarriage: Why you can marry anyone you want by Ariel Beery


The Art of Rebirth: Adisia crafts hope for Ethiopian women in Afula by Yonit Schiller



A Bright New Day: Optimistic futures for the Jews by Phil Getz


Oy-Bay Goes to the Movies: Shtarkers and the sweet science by Tomer Altman


Blood Brothers: Masked uncovers the conflict by Lonnie Schwartz


Common Sparks ?Forever? Within: ?Finding forever? lacks common?s sense by Margaret Teich


Collin: A poem by Genevieve Dreizen

Portrait of an Internet Strategist: Randi Jayne Zuckerberg by Adam Finkel

Tasty Bites to Smite Your Enemies: Rosh Hashanah?s symbolic foods by Miriam Segura

Sins of Our Fathers: A short story by Alieza Salzberg

Dress Me Up in Jew: Show your partner how easy it is to be your kind of Jew by Eileen Levinson

All content © PresenTense, 2007.

About Presentense Magazine:

As a trans denominational and international marketplace of ideas, PresenTense seeks to invigorate Hebrew culture by providing a nurturing environment where Jewish youth will be able to explore and enrich their Jewish identity within a civilizational framework. In doing so, PresenTense seeks to add value to Jewish life around the world by strengthening the ties that bind members of the Jewish community across ideological and religious divides, in order to advocate and articulate the values and ethics we hold to be central to Hebrew culture: mutual responsibility, the obligation to pursue social justice, self-determination and the value of preserving the distinctive wisdom of a People?s tradition.

Our print magazine features new, views, reviews, photography and artwork by young Jews about Jewish life in the here and now; our online forum will showcase shorter articles with regular updates about local events; and our salons and peer-led discussions across the country provide opportunities for young Jews to engage with those issues that seize our community in the present.

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Presentense Magazine Issue Three Presentense Magazine Issue Three
Presentense Magazine Issue Three Presentense Magazine Issue Three