Neatzit/Perftzit Special Tzizit Mens (W8012)
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This is my G-D and I will glorify Him" ( Exodus 15:2) The Talmud states "Beautify yourselves in front of Him with Mitzvot... beautiful tzitzit..." (Shabbos 133b). Indeed, we should seek out quality, comfort and style in the garment of tzitzit for these are the essence of hiddur.

The Neatzit tzizit are no longer available, if you place an order we will ship Perftzit tzizit!

The Neatzit garment design is now proudly endorsed by the OU organization! NEATZIT garments meet the strictest halachic criteria and has earned the endorsement and praise of Gedolim such as Rav Ovadia Yosef, Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg and Rav Nissim Karelitz. NEATZIT strings are carefully tied under strict Rabbinic supervision.

Only the original patented NeaTzit brand garments are designed in a contemporary fashion and are made with pride using only top quality 100% cotton jersey cloth and machine washable strings. The soft knitted fabric breathes and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, will not wrinkle and needs no ironing. Patented snaps at the sides keep NeaTzit neat and in place. NeaTzit is specially sloped at the shoulders so it fits exceptionally well. NeaTzit may be worn over the undershirt as traditional tzitzit are worn, or without an undershirt, if you prefer. Pocket-like openings in the corner patches provide for convenient no-tangle washing of the strings. You will always feel super comfortable with NeaTzit.

NeaTzit gives an Exclusive Wear Guarantee to last longer than any tzitzit garment or your money back! Join the thousands who already enjoy the sheer comfort of NEATZIT!

24" Chest
15" Colour
Suit 40-42
Email us for other sizes(This item requires additional shipping of $5 + regular shipping costs.)

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Neatzit/Perftzit Special Tzizit Mens Neatzit/Perftzit Special Tzizit Mens
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Neatzit/Perftzit Special Tzizit Mens Neatzit/Perftzit Special Tzizit Mens