Ketubah New York-Jerusalem 3D LARGE ($450)Suzy Friedman (W7919)
Price:  $450.00 
Beautiful 3D design displaying different scenes from Jerusalem and New York. A graceful Chuppah fills the upper part of the design and on the bottom you have the Taxi on the left and the Camel on the right. The Empire State Building on one side and the Kotel on the other. A real conversation piece and a magnificent work of art!
A ketubah is a work of art...This ketubah is a masterpiece!

Each Ketubah is hand-drawn and painted with watercolors and metallic inks. It is then reproduced using the Giclee archival printing process on 100% cotton rag paper.
Each print is one of a limited edition of 350 signed and numbered by the artist. The prints can be purchased flat or with a 3-dimensional effect which is achieved by hand-cutting and affixing elements of the design. Originals are also available.

Available Texts:
Orthodox - Aramaic & English
Conservative - Aramaic & English
Reform - Hebrew & English
Anniversary - English

18" x 22" artwork

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Ketubah New York-Jerusalem 3D LARGE ($450)Suzy Friedman Ketubah New York-Jerusalem 3D LARGE ($450)Suzy Friedman