Ketubah 12 Tribes by Nava Shoham (wksho12c)
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The giclee Ketubah's theme has a rich tradition. In ancient times the High Priest of Israel was adorned with a breastplate containing twelve unique stones, each representing one of the tribes of Israel. These twelve ancient tribes of Israel symbolizes the unity of individuals coming together as one. From each individual tribe a new family was born.
The images in the ketubah are very tribal, and within you can see African figures holding horns (shofar), dancing and tribal geometric shapes from corner to corner. The feel of earth, wind and the tribes spread through out the land of Israel and is expressed within the compass at the bottom, and at each side of the ketubah.

Colors are vibrant and saturated. Both media, paper and canvas along with all colors used for this original print are archival for life time!

Available Texts: (each option consists of multiple texts)
Orthodox - with or without English
Sephardic Orthodox - Aramaic only
Conservative - with or without English
Reform Heb-Eng
Secular Humanist - with or without Hebrew
Interfaith - with or without Hebrew
Anniversary Heb-Eng

19" x 27"

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Ketubah 12 Tribes by Nava Shoham Ketubah 12 Tribes by Nava Shoham
Ketubah 12 Tribes by Nava Shoham Ketubah 12 Tribes by Nava Shoham