Journey Of Faith (H) (WS9442)
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Sinai to Eretz Yisrael – A Running Commentary on Sefer Bamidbar.

Would you like to finally see the big picture and know what Sefer Bamidbar is really about? Are you confused about the order of events, or why one passage follows the next? Do you want to know what the major commentators say on the parshah? Would you like reading the weekly parshah to be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to each week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Rabbi Yonason Arenias, a writer and educator of note, has written the book for you. “Serious enough to satisfy the mature and sophisticated student, yet laid out with a clarity that makes it accessible even for the younger student” (Rabbi Ahron Lopinasky).

In Journey of Faith you will:

    Get an amazingly clear picture of what’s going on in the parashah – from its flowing, easy-to-read running commentary (largely narrative)
    See the big picture (from outlines and overviews) and get in depth analyses of key topics — you choose how much detail to go into
    Enjoy reading a really clear, elucidated translation (the translation is in bold and brief explanatory additions in non-bold) and get the entire Hebrew Chumash text
    Find out what the major commentators say on each parshah
    Enjoy the stunning page layout, with questions and answers lining the margins

“It is indeed a masterpiece and well worth reading. It is very inspiring...”

“Authoritative, insightful, and extremely well presented.”

“Rabbi Arenias has a gift for clear and engaging writing”

Not just another parashah book. Enjoy and understand Sefer Bamidbar like never before!

ISBN     978-1-988022-20-8
Author     Rabbi Yonasan David Arenias
Cover type     Hardcover
Pages     620

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Journey Of Faith (H) Journey Of Faith (H)
Journey Of Faith (H) Journey Of Faith (H)