Jewish Art (H) by Grace Cohen Grossman (W95A)
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Jewish Art by Grace Cohen Grossman

Recipient of the National Jewish Book of the Year Award for Visual Arts

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The rich culture and traditions of the Jewish people have inspired works of art for thousands of years. This magnificent volume explores the history of Jewish artistic expression, stemming from an eighth-century vase, the only known relic from King Solomon's Temple, to works by 20th-century artists ranging from Marc Chagall to Larry Rivers.

Jewish Art features 310 color reproductions of objects from collections all over the world, from India to Yemen to the United States; from Russia and Germany to Israel. In addition to works of fine art, the book features exquisitely crafted ceremonial items, illuminated manuscripts, and pieces from synagogues and collections the world over. Prayer books, mezuzot, and other cherished belongings from daily life are also included, as are Bar Mitzvah items, ketubbot, and other objects that are testimonials to the celebration of lifetime events.

Jewish Art delights the eye and informs the mind. Unique in its scope, this splendid book enhances our understanding of Judaism's visual heritage, an enduring bequest that binds Jews together wherever they may be.

Grace Cohen Grossman, curator at the Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, traces the existence of art and artifacts over the millennia, through the Diaspora to the present day, her insightful text touches on the rich culture and traditions of Jewish life.

10 x 13 in.
320 pages
ISBN: 0-88363-361-2
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Jewish Art (H) by Grace Cohen Grossman Jewish Art (H) by Grace Cohen Grossman
Jewish Art (H) by Grace Cohen Grossman Jewish Art (H) by Grace Cohen Grossman