In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah(H)Goldman/Telushkin (Wdinhc)
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In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah Hardcover by Ari Goldman and Joseph Telushkin.

The JDC Haggadah highlights the work of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which, since it was founded in 1914, has been the premier organization reaching out to Jews in distress around the world. For the making of this Haggadah, JDC opened its vast archives of photographs, letters and documents, many of them never before made public. This Haggadah is rich in pictures of the rescue and relief of Jews in times of crisis from pre-state Israel to post-Shoah Europe to Soviet Russia to the deserts of Ethiopia. It reminds us how the JDC helped liberate Jews in distress and provided for both their physical and spiritual needs. Some of the most moving images are of Jews who themselves narrowly escaped tragedy marking the Passover seder with the potent holiday symbols of matzah and wine.

In pictures, words and prayers this unique Haggadah vividly reminds us that the story of our ancestors is also our own story. A beautiful, eloquent example of renewing our ancient tradition. --Rabbi David Wolpe

No book has been more treasured in the Jewish home than the Haggadah and Jews have celebrated Passover by illuminating and commenting upon its eternal tale of liberty in countless versions over the millennia. Through its pictures and captions drawn from the archives of the JDC, this unique edition of this ancient text portrays the variety and breadth of our people and communicates in a powerful and authentic voice the journey from degradation to freedom that the Haggadah celebrates and that the Joint Distribution Committee makes possible. It is a most welcome addition to liturgical expression in our time and will inspire and instruct countless Jews and others gathered around the seder table for years to come. --Rabbi David Ellenson

The Rabbis in the Mishna quoted by the Hagaddah mandated that in every generation each person should view himself/herself as if he/she just came out of Egypt. This JDC Hagaddah demonstrates beautifully through commentary and story how the Joint has translated this mandate into contemporary reality in its services all over the world, in its commitment to a free, vibrant and stable Jewish community and in its threefold mission, of Rescue, Relief and Renewal. --Rabbi Haskell Lookstein

96 pages
March 1, 2010
ISBN-10: 1934440566
ISBN-13: 978-1934440568

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In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah(H)Goldman/Telushkin In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah(H)Goldman/Telushkin
In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah(H)Goldman/Telushkin In Every Generation: The JDC Haggadah(H)Goldman/Telushkin