Gray Matter Volume 2 (H) Chaim Jachter(NOT AVAILABLE) (W894678)
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Tough questions often yield different answers. Rabbi Chaim Jachter selects topics of relevance and interest to contemporary Jews and, in his characteristically clear and readable style, comprehensively surveys the issues and the varying views of contemporary scholars. Torah authorities from a broad spectrum of Jewry are included in these broad studies.

Topics covered range from how and when to save lives on Shabbat including whether one may return from the hospital, the complex Agunah cases that emerged from the World Trade Center tragedy, when halachah causes infertility, the use of lawyers in a Beit Din, and much more. This book contains the first extensive English discussion of the contemporary theoretical and practical issues involved in building and maintaining mikvaot.

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324 pp.

ISBN 1-933143-10-X

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Gray Matter Volume 2 (H) Chaim Jachter(NOT AVAILABLE) Gray Matter Volume 2 (H) Chaim Jachter(NOT AVAILABLE)