From Djerba to Jerusalem (H) By Libby Lazewnik (Ws9618)
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Many countries. Many lives.
And one overwhelming love, for Hashem, His Torah and His People.
Meet Shulamit Bitton-Blau. You're going to love her.

One foggy day in northern England, a young woman danced into the relatively new girl's seminary that had been founded in Gateshead, wearing an enchanting smile, a bright purple coat, and sandals. The only child of a family deeply rooted in Djerba, the legendary island of Kohanim, Shulamit Cohen was Sefardic, a miracle child whose Jewish education had taken place entirely at home. Yet within moments of her arrival she felt entirely at home in Gateshead - and Gatehead felt entirely at home with its new, unusual and exuberant student.

It was that exuberance, coupled with her rock-solid emunah and her unparalleled love for Torah, which carried Shulamit through her many journeys and challenges. That wide-eyed student grew up to be the wife of an impoverished Torah scholar in Gateshead, a rabbanit in Marseilles when her husband was appointed av beis din, a widow who married off eight children, and, after her remarriage, the wife of one of the outstanding figures in Yerushalayim's Eida Chareidis.

Quite a journey; and Shulamit was quite a personality. Bestselling author Libby Lazewnik brings her to vivid life: her unusual optimism in the face of daunting circumstances and her devotion to her family - a family that included all of Klal Yisrael.

From Djerba to Jerusalem is an engrossing story. More: it's an eye-opening, heart-opening look at the power of chesed, emunah, and love.

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From Djerba to Jerusalem (H) By Libby Lazewnik From Djerba to Jerusalem (H) By Libby Lazewnik
From Djerba to Jerusalem (H) By Libby Lazewnik From Djerba to Jerusalem (H) By Libby Lazewnik