DVD Oy Baby 2 (W8734)
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"The DVD & CD made especially for Jewish babies and kids!" Thanks to the encouragement of OyBaby fans around the world, OYBABY 2 is here with an all new collection of fun and familiar Jewish music! Stephanie, Lisa and Kim (The Schneiderman Sisters) return on lead vocals with their delightful harmonies and engaging voices on songs such as Modeh Ani and Shalom Rav (Klepper/Freelander), Shehechianu and Mah Nishtanah (Friedman), Hiney Mah Tov, L?Cha Dodi, Tzena Tzena, Tumbalalaika, Heveinu Shalom Aleichem?15 in all. Guest musicians Craig Taubman and Rick Recht lend their voices in song. This DVD is 30% longer than the original, and features a wide variety of visual styles that will entertain children up to 5 years of age (parents and grandparents will be enthralled too!) The colorful visual medley shows children at play, puppets, and nature scenes. Between songs short interludes teach Hebrew letters, numbers and vocabulary and show the joy of giving tzedakah. The DVD also contains bonus karaoke versions of two of the songs, plus a special musical montage of OyBaby fans from around the world!
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DVD Oy Baby 2 DVD Oy Baby 2
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DVD Oy Baby 2 DVD Oy Baby 2