Duck, Death and the Tulip (H) (Ws(GTS) 4373)
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In a strangely heart-warming story, a duck strikes up an unlikely friendship with Death. Duck, Death and the Tulip will intrigue, haunt, and enchant readers of all ages. Simple, warm, and witty, this book deals with a difficult subject in a way that is elegant, straightforward, and life-affirming.

Author: Wolf Erlbruch
Illustrator: Wolf Erlbruch
Ages: 10-18
Grades: 4-12

?For the goth elementary schooler in your life, check out Duck, Death and the Tulip by Wolf Erlbruch, a newly translated and darkly funny German (of course) book. It begins, ?For a while now, Duck had a feeling.? (Of course.) Duck finds that Death is following her, and she is initially freaked out. The illustrations are beige and dark gray; Duck is an elongated Egon Schiele (but cute!) creation; Death has an actual skull head (but cute!) and a long beige-and-gray-checked gown. For a while, Death just hangs around, and he and Duck become almost friends. Duck asks what will happen to her, and Death does not answer. ?Some ducks say you become and angel and sit on a cloud,? she hints. ?Some ducks say that deep in the earth there?s a place where you?ll be roasted if you haven?t been good.? Death answers only, ?You ducks come up with some amazing stories, but who knows?? One comforting(ish) thing that Death says is: ?When you?re dead, the pond will be gone, too - at least for you.? Too existential? Not for me. Picture books are a conversation; this is a good opening for talking about how we don?t know what happens after death - very Jewish.? ?


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Duck, Death and the Tulip (H) Duck, Death and the Tulip (H)
Duck, Death and the Tulip (H) Duck, Death and the Tulip (H)