A Chapter of Talmud (H) Layfer (Ws2075)
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A Chapter of Talmud: Baba Metzia, Chapter 10: A House and Its Upper Floor by Lawrence F. Layfer

This book is aimed at the first time Talmud student. Rather than focus on the many rules of Talmudic interpretation, offer a long history of Talmudic development, or discuss the rabbis whose comments we read, the author has chosen to focus on the discussion of a single chapter as an introduction to, as the rabbis call it, ?swimming in the sea of Talmud?.

The Mishnah and Gemara, which are the Talmudic text itself, are highlighted in bold letters. The commentary is in regular type. The goal is for the reader to get a sense of how a chapter of Talmud works. More important, at the conclusion of the study, the reader will be able to say with satisfaction that he or she has studied a chapter, and for the most part understands some of the basics of Talmud study. This will make the reader a part of the long line of receivers and transmitters of the Oral Law.

152 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN: 193444006X
ISBN-13: 9781934440063

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A Chapter of Talmud (H) Layfer A Chapter of Talmud (H) Layfer
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A Chapter of Talmud (H) Layfer A Chapter of Talmud (H) Layfer