CDROM Dagesh Internet Translator (w4596)
Price:  $69.95  $62.96 
Realtime Internet Web-Page Translator!

Age Level: 12-Adult

Media: CD-ROM

Version: Windows 95 and higher

Now you can go to the best Israeli sites... Get the latest news direct from Israel... Just click... and like magic the site is translated to English. If Hebrew is your native language, just drop by the New York Times, click and the page is in Hebrew.

Dagesh Internet Translator's amazing technology will translate the Hebrew pages into English and English into Hebrew while retaining their format, photos, graphics etc!

To help you learn Hebrew as you are surfing, this terrific product lets you split the screen and see simultaneously both the original Hebrew site and the newly translated site.

If you are doing research on Israel, the Middle East or the Bible this tool is a must... It will you save thousands of man-hours, and also give you the ability to express yourself better. Whether you are working in Hebrew or English this tool is simply a must for your computer library.

HOW IT WORKS... Simply open your favorite Hebrew/English site... Click on the translate button, and like magic the page will translate from Hebrew to English or from English to Hebrew... it is that simple... and it makes learning Hebrew fun and interesting especially if you use it on the News sites!

Dagesh Internet Translator was developed by the makers of Dagesh Pro Translator. A Great Concept, A Great Tool. This product will open up new areas of news, information, study, deals, and opportuniites on the internet.

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CDROM Dagesh Internet Translator CDROM Dagesh Internet Translator
CDROM Dagesh Internet Translator CDROM Dagesh Internet Translator