Captive Audience (H) By Dov Haller (Ws9607)
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Stories that speak to us. Stories that are us!

Captive Audience is a collection of fictional stories. Which means that the stories are not true. Except that they are. Kind of.

Dov Haller knows people. He knows how they feel, how they think. And if his characters and their situations – entertaining, engaging, absorbing situations - are not taken from real life, the issues and the emotions that he writes about certainly are. There is truth here, in every beautifully written story, as the author examines the complexities of our world, and of our hearts.

Here is so much of what our lives are made of: shidduchim and divorces and making a living and nice people and confused people and laughter and tears, and even a politician or two. We meet a badchan singing at the wedding of his son, whom he hadn't seen since his divorce two decades before. We encounter an elderly chassid forced to make an impossible choice, a businessman learning the secret of his success, a zaidy whose game changes the lives of so many of his family.

We meet so many unforgettable characters, and somehow, as we read and enjoy these stories, we gain a deeper and invaluable understanding of ourselves.

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ISBN-10: 1422619494
ISBN #: 9781422619490
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 294
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Captive Audience (H) By Dov Haller Captive Audience (H) By Dov Haller
Captive Audience (H) By Dov Haller Captive Audience (H) By Dov Haller