Blue Has No South (P) by Alex Epstein (Ws5840)
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Blue Has No South by Alex Epstein, Translated by Becka Mara McKay.

"Epstein has a singular voice. The Moment that he decided to write prose was a blessed moment for the Hebrew literature of our times." -Gilad Saari Levy

"Their love story ended many years ago. He still writes her name as a solution to crossword puzzle clues of suitable length."

Alex Epstein's miniature stories are indeed love stories, puzzles, stray clues to puzzles he never finishes, the beginnings or ends of philosophical treatises, parables, jokes, modernized legends, or perhaps a vivid handful of images thrown together, then allowed to disperse.

This is a form of which he has been hailed as a master, a form as singular and intricate as a collection of fingerprints. His stories are populated by angels, chess players, mythical figures, Walter Benjamin, Franz Kafka, lovers young and old, writers of disappearing languages; they are set in airports, trains, the sites of legends, hotels, bookstores in countries that no longer exist, dreams. In each of them, Epstein draws precisely the smallest possible world, and revels in the great possibilities of a single sentence. In each of them, we are invited to celebrate everything that can happen before "the tip of the pencil breaks against the bright paper."

Alex Epstein is the author of three short-story collections and three novels; in 2003 he received Israel's Prime Minister's Prize for Literature. He teaches in Tel Aviv.

Becka Mara McKay is a poet and translator, most recently of Suzane Adam's Laundry.

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Blue Has No South (P) by Alex Epstein Blue Has No South (P) by Alex Epstein
Blue Has No South (P) by Alex Epstein Blue Has No South (P) by Alex Epstein