Befriend (H) (Ws9493)
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A tale of friendships made and forged in the most unexpected fashion.

Tehila Silversmith has a secret no one else can discover. A seminary student in a school nestled among the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, Tehila has a tough time making friends. That’s why her blossoming friendship with outgoing, bubbly Nora is so precious to her. But then the conniving Liz starts to come between them. Can Tehila’s slowly emerging connection with Nora survive the strain?

Tehila’s sister Leah asks her to help troubled Leeba Jackson. She wants to say no…but how can she disappoint her sister? And then there’s the fragile Sharona, who’s got a secret of her own. Join Tehila and her friends on an inner journey that is both entertaining and enlightening, revealing each girl’s strengths and developing connections that will bind them together for a lifetime.

In this sequel to the popular Denver Dreams, author Susie Garber weaves a tale of friendships that are made and forged in the most unexpected fashion — teaching us what it truly means to Befriend.

ISBN     978-1-61465-079-9
Author     Susie Garber
Cover type     Hardcover
Pages     320


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Befriend (H) Befriend (H)
Befriend (H) Befriend (H)