Be the Hero of Your Story (P) Krevolin/Barbosa (Ws8767)
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Be the Hero of Your Story: Understand your story, rewrite it & change your life! by Richard Krevolin (Author), Eliana Barbosa (Author) .

What personal stories do you live by, and what internal scripts rule your life? What stories were you told as a child that still affect you? Which of these stories and scripts have helped you, and which are hindering you? Be the Hero of Your Story empowers you to re-imagine yourself as the protagonist, the hero, of your own life story—a story in which you are the author of your own destiny. With expert advice, personal stories and inspiring anecdotal examples, this book guides you through the process of identifying the stories and scripts impacting your life. It then goes on to show you how to alter the stories which are having a negative affect on your life and adapt them into positive narratives that will allow you to create the happily-ever-after you were born to live!

RICHARD KREVOLIN was an adjunct professor at USC School of Cinema/TV, UCLA Film School, Pepperdine, Ithaca College, and University of Georgia. Under his guidance, his students have sold film scripts and TV shows to Universal, Sony-Tri-Star, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Dreamworks, and numerous other studios and production companies. He is the author of the books, Screenwriting from the Soul (St. Martin’s Press), Pilot Your Life (Prentice-Hall), How to Adapt Anything into a Screenplay (Wiley & Sons), and Screenwriting in the Land of Oz (Adams Media/Writer’s Digest Books). He is also the author of several young adult novels and over twenty stage plays. Richard has several scripts in development in Hollywood, including Safer, with Tom DeSanto Productions (X-Men, Transformers). He was one of the writers of the documentary, Fiddler on the Roof: 30 Years of Tradition. His off-Broadway stage play, Lansky, was recently nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award and is now a big hit at the National Yiddish Theater in Tel Aviv. Richard also wrote and directed the documentary, Making Light in Terezin...

ELIANA BARBOSA is the author of the bestselling books: Waking Up to Life: Lessons of Personal Transformation, The Enigma of the Boot: Facing Corporate Succession with Wisdom and Balance, and Face to Face with a Special One: Inspiration Stories for Self-Awareness and Successes (published by Novo Século, Brazil), as well as many motivational audio books, CDs and DVDs. She has worked as a TV and radio host since 2003, and has contributed to newspapers and magazines of national and international circulation, blogs, and websites. In 2010, she started writing her weekly column at Revista Malu (published by Alto Astral), a magazine of national circulation with a million readers per month. She develops and teaches lectures in companies in Brazil and abroad. Her father, Elias Barbosa, was a renowned Brazilian psychiatrist who published fourteen books in co-authorship with Chico Xavier, an important spiritual leader in Brazil. In 2010, Eliana Barbosa was awarded the Chico Xavier Award for Promotion of Peace in the State of Minas Gerais for her dedication to support and inspire people throughout their lives.

108 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615610250
ISBN-13: 978-0615610252

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Be the Hero of Your Story (P) Krevolin/Barbosa Be the Hero of Your Story (P) Krevolin/Barbosa
Be the Hero of Your Story (P) Krevolin/Barbosa Be the Hero of Your Story (P) Krevolin/Barbosa