Babylon 2010 Hebrew English Electronic Dictionary (W7961)
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The 2010 electronic edition of the world's best Hebrew/English Dictionary. What makes Babylon so special? With its State of the art, Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew translator with 6,200,000 words and 300,000 expressions and idioms, Babylon leaves any other existing dictionary far behind. This is the only dictionary that includes all the Hebrew verbs -- each with all its possible conjugations! This means that every word and every verb, (in any form and in any tense), is already in Babylon. Babylon allows searching for expressions that include multiple words. Babylon also allows you to toggle between words in any sentence and instantly translate each word while still keeping your current search active. You can bookmark desired words and their translations for later focused study. It has a high resolution green display with a pleasant dark blue text color, especially designed to reduce eye fatigue.

With Babylon you can search for sentences, not just individual words, (sentences that are valid expressions). Why does Babylon leave all other dictionaries far, far behind?Let's be candid and straightforward: the major complaint of all users of any Heb/Eng electronic dictionary is their frustration caused by wasting many hours searching and searching but not finding the words in their dictionary.

If you have experienced this with your dictionary, please read on. Why can't you find words? In most cases because you don't know Hebrew well enough. But this is exactly the point (and the catch). You use your dictionary because you don't know Hebrew well enough! What exactly is the problem? Although your frustration is valid, your dictionary is very likely to have the word that you can't find, but it is not "smart enough" to understand what you want.

Why are most of the existing dictionaries not "smart enough"? Because manmade instruments are only as "smart" as their designers, and the designers of most of the Hebrew dictionaries don't think of you, the English speaking person. Rather, all the dictionaries are made to serve Hebrew speakers who want to learn English. Why is that a problem if these dictionaries still have both Heb/Eng Eng/Heb search functions? Since the designers assume that you know Hebrew, their emphasis is on input of Hebrew words into the dictionary. This is your weak area. You don't know how to input the words into your dictionary. What's wrong in the way you input words into the dictionary? Since you don't know Hebrew well enough, you input your words exactly as you see them: you are trying to read some Hebrew text, you come across a verb that you don't know, you type the verb exactly as you see it in your text -- your dictionary does not find it!

It does not find it since the word is very likely to be a verb in a conjugated form that the dictionary does not understand.What does "conjugated form" mean, and why is that a major problem? To understand why this is a major stumbling point let's consider, for example, one simple English verb. We use for this example the verb "study." In any English/English dictionary, "study" has four possible conjugated forms: "study" "studies" studying" and "studied." In Hebrew, for contrast, is has 28! and this the case with many thousands of other verbs. Click here to see "study" demonstrated in Hebrew and English!

This is where most electronic dictionaries fail! They, simply, don't have all these conjugations. Rather, they include only one form (or two forms in the "better" dictionaries) This form is called "infinitive." In this case, the infinitive is "to study." (in Hebrew: "lil-mod.") Why don't most of the dictionaries have all these forms? Simply because they don't have the needed memory to include so many words. To include all possible conjugations of every verb in Hebrew, the dictionary needs room for millions of words. Yet, most of the dictionaries include only 300,000 to 400,000 words. This is why so many times you can't find words in your dictionary. The designers of these dictionaries expect you to convert any conjugated verb to its infinitive form. The problem is that in order to do so you need to know Hebrew quite well. The reality is that many people, perhaps you too, don't know Hebrew grammar well enough to convert every verb they come across to the infinitive form. This is where Babylon leaves ALL other dictionaries far, far behind!

With its huge 6,200,000 word base and 300,000 expressions, Babylon will find for you every word and every verb in every possible conjugation! HOW DOES IT WORK? Besides finding every word and every conjugated verb, Babylon "thinks" ahead. As soon as you type the first letter Babylon starts searching and narrows its search as you type more letters. You almost never need to type the entire word you are looking for -- Babylon already knows what you are looking for and displays your word and related expressions with this word (see picture below). All you need to do is to select it and press ENTER for instant translation. Further, Babylon takes full advantage of it huge 16MB memory (all other dictionaries range between half a MB to 1.5 MB) and gives you, alongside definitions, more wordy explanations. Although very unlikely, it is still possible that an occasional rare verb will not be found.

More Great FeaturesBabylon finds your word before you finish typing it! features a 6 line screen with crisp clear large type. It fits perfectly in your hand! The first and only electronic Hebrew dictionary that is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is so pleasant to hold and use that you won't want to put it down! | Key layout is identical to your computer's keyboard. This smart design saves you time and hassle searching for the desired keys. It also dramatically eliminates eye fatigue. Expandable - add other dictionaries More dictionaries are currently planned for use in this model, such as other languages and special interest Hebrew dictionaries. Slim, high quality batteries Babylon uses two CR2032 batteries (same kind that are used with high precision fine electronic instruments such as digital cameras). Huge 16 MB memory! 10 to 20 times greater capacity than the average Hebrew/English dictionary. Babylon also includes a Calculator, phone directory, Metric converter, Currency converter, and a City, Date and Time section. Babylon comes with a clear plastic cover to protect the screen and the keyboard. With Babylon you can search for sentences, not just individual words.
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Babylon 2010 Hebrew English Electronic Dictionary Babylon 2010 Hebrew English Electronic Dictionary
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Babylon 2010 Hebrew English Electronic Dictionary Babylon 2010 Hebrew English Electronic Dictionary