Armenian Havdalah Set (37b)
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This beautiful Armenian Havdalah Set is the perfect way to end your Shabbat.

On Saturday night, after three stars are visible, the day of rest, Shabbat concludes. We mark it with the Havdalah (separation) service. This is an apropriate time for reflection on the past week and aspirations for an uplifting new week filled with closeness to God.

In the service, we mark the separation between:

Holy and mundane.

Israel and the rest of the nations.

Light and darkness.

The 7th day of rest and the 6 days of work.

The service is said on a cup of wine (preferably leftovers from the Friday night Kiddush).

We smell the b'samim (spices) to rejuvenate our bodies from the loss of our Neshama Yiteirah (extra soul) which stays with us over the course of Shabbat. We also look at our fingernails through the light of the flame. The clear colored fingernails remind us of the future when the body will be a non-existent entity and the soul will cloth itself. This is a very powerful part of the week.

There are many tunes used passed down from generation to generation and song enhances the prayer. We look at what we have, the people who we love and we see God's greatness in this world. We hope and pray that He will bring the final redemption speedily in our times. Elijah the prophet will escort the Messiah, son of David to our midst and we will be gathered from the four corners of the Earth to the Holy City of Jerusaleme!
Candle not included. See Havdolah candles.

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Armenian Havdalah Set Armenian Havdalah Set
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