All of Our Lives (H) Shapiro (Ws4216)
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All of Our Lives: An Anthology of Contemporary Jewish Writing by Sarah Shapiro.

A Book That Truly Touches All of Our Lives!

A journey into life begins on the very first page of this magnificent anthology, rich with real emotion, remarkable writing, and experiences from the four corners of our lives that will speak to every reader. Contributing authors range from the well-known to the anonymous, but each piece has been hand-selected by renowned writer Sarah Shapiro, each entry in this uplifting, thought-provoking work adds another facet to the sparkling diamond; it shines rays of insight and inspiration as it illuminates the common themes we all share. From birth to death, challenge and loss, joy and mourning, parenting and teaching, this anthology showcases the power and profundity of our lives through the lens of contemporary, evocative writing.

Hard Cover
405 pages
6.2 x 9.2
ITEM #: 5165
ISBN: 978-1-56871-511-7

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All of Our Lives (H) Shapiro All of Our Lives (H) Shapiro
All of Our Lives (H) Shapiro All of Our Lives (H) Shapiro