Against All Odds (H) (Ws9443)
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A young man’s heroic battle after a devastating injury.

“I’ll tell you a story, a true story, a story about my firstborn son, Moshe. A catastrophe struck. I knew it would. For years I waited in panic. Yet when it did, it struck me by surprise and left me breathless, like a blow to my solar plexus.”

So begins a mother’s candid and harrowing account of a devastating injury her son received during a mission in the Israeli air force. Shock and despair give way to determination, emunah, and hope, as the family struggles to cope with Moshe’s complex medical issues, with the help of friends and community.

The story portrays a period of pain, fear, and frustration that is permeated with love, humor, and blessed moments of grace, as Moshe’s family helps him in his heroic quest to choose life, against all odds.

ISBN     978-1-61465-404-9
Author     Barbara Blum
Cover type     Hardcover
Pages     224

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Against All Odds (H) Against All Odds (H)
Against All Odds (H) Against All Odds (H)