180 Rechov Yaffo by Dr. Meir Wikler (Ws9063)
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Stories of Emunah and Bitachon

180 Rechov Yaffo   

Each Sunday and Tuesday evening, hundreds of people from all walks of life can be seen waiting outside a small house adjoining the courtyard at 180 Rechov Yaffo in Yerushalayim. Some are  couples who are childless, others are singles who need shidduchim, and still others are facing medical crises or other challenges. What all these people have in common is that some difficulty  in their lives has brought them to this address in search of counsel and berachos from Reb Nochum Cohen.

Unassuming and charismatic, Reb Nachum is an extraordinary Torah personality whose inspirational derashos have enthralled thousands. With his booming voice, warm smile, and incredibly positive outlook on life, he can literally transform the lives of his listeners.

Dr. Meir Wikler, noted psychotherapist and family counselor, prolific author and master storyteller, has given us a refreshing and sometimes astounding account of his memorable encounters with Reb Nachum, as well as the unforgettable experiences of those whom he interviewed for this book.

Join the crowd at 180 Rechov Yaffo and notice how your emunah deepens, your bitachon is strengthened, and your eyes are opened to the hashgachah pratis within your own life.

“…You capture your readers’ hearts and inspire them to no end. I have no doubt that this present work about Rav Nachum will…give chizuk to the public through these words of emunah and bitachon, which will serve as a spiritual anchor for the masses.”

ISBN     978-1-61465-183-3
Author     Dr. Meir Wikler
Cover type     Hardcover
Pages     360

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180 Rechov Yaffo by Dr. Meir Wikler 180 Rechov Yaffo by Dr. Meir Wikler
180 Rechov Yaffo by Dr. Meir Wikler 180 Rechov Yaffo by Dr. Meir Wikler